LUCiD is an interactive art installation that you control with your brain. It may sound like something right out of a science fiction novel but we have it. This project was envisioned by Jeremy McKane with the help of Neurofeedback Engineer and Mathematician Aliaksei Rubanau and Programmer Vasyl Skrypij. Together we have created an Art Installation like never before seen.

Less than 1% of the world population has put their head beneath the surface of the ocean. So it begs the question, how can you protect something you have no connection to?
The LUCiD Project shares with you the threats that face the ocean and puts an emphasis on what is left that we must fight for, because there is much worth fighting for.

McKane believes that the shortest path between two humans is Art. Which is why we are pleased to announce an online store where some of the latest limited edition prints are online. Help us continue this project and bring one of these prints into your home or office! You will be glad you did!