• Expedition

    "I personally want to invite you to an amazing experience. One that has personally changed me forever!" -Jeremy McKane

  • "Getting way off the grid isn't easy, its often frustrating but the experience pays back 1000 fold."

  • Tonga has some the clearest water on the planet. Perfect for this experience!

  • This experience is like none other! We really want you to see how amazing life in our oceans are. Most importantly, why they need protecting.

  • McKane's Art Installations will soon be travelling around the planet to share immersive experiences. We want you to be part of this journey!


An experience of a lifetime

Last year my experience with massive humpback whales left such an impression on me, I wanted to share it with you. Imagine being in deep water and out of the deep a massive animal the size of a school bus appears right before you. You assume they are just another animal, then they look at you. For a moment you are stuck in time that feels like an eternity but it’s 30 seconds at best. Just like that, you’re changed forever and you are hooked.

I personally want to invite you to an amazing experience. This October 7-14 I would like you to see first hand why I am so passionate about our oceans. Don’t take my word for it, have a conversation with my whale friends.

Last year I was able to spend a good amount of time with the Humpbacks in Tonga. Now understanding how these creatures function in the wild, I really wanted to tell a different story using VR. Using some new technology this year, I hope to use technology to bridge the gap and tell a story that hasn’t been told yet. These majestic creatures spend their summers in the waters around Antarctica and make their way up to the warm waters of Vava’u to mate, birth and care for their young. This year, I want you to come with me! I need your help to make the most amazing experience for patrons of ArtPrize! You get to be right there with me! This isn’t a tour on a super yacht, there isn’t even a high end hotel. The experiences you gain here on the remote islands of Vava’u will far surpass your expectations and leave you wanting for more.

Adult humpbacks are typically 45 feet  (15 meters in length), the size of a school bus, while newborn babies are 15 feet (4.5 meters).

This is a special experience where passionate ocean warriors will be present, journalists and fellow filmmakers. This is a vehicle I am using to raise money for the immersive LUCiD art installation that will be at ArtPrize. This is an amazing experience to be part of because I really hope to document some very unique behavior with you behind the scenes. All the while live streaming it back to the installation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. ArtPrize is the largest Art Competition in the world and you can help give the world something that is absolutely unforgettable. It is our hope that people see this work and see how they in turn have the power to make a difference. Your name will be listed at ArtPrize as one of the sponsors of the installation.

4 Available Spots October 7 – 14

Fee: $15,000


Includes: Boat, Crew, Lodging, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Excludes: Flights, Extra Activities, Insurance, Equipment

The Remaining $9500 raised with this fee goes towards the LUCiD Installation at ArtPrize. This will cover hard costs related to the installation. Including but not limited to: Projectors, Computers, Lighting etc.

Please keep in mind that travel across the international date line will make you lose a day in travel! so please ensure you leave with enough time to be there to see our lovely whale friends!

The best part about this for me is that I get an opportunity to spend time with those who are actively supporting my installations. You can learn more about the upcoming ArtPrize entry at: https://www.artprize.org/66117

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