Introducing FOUND

The goal for FOUND is to raise awareness that when we think we throw something away, we realize “away” does not exist. These images are sold to raise money for those who are actively removing trash from the ocean.

FOUND Esteban

This fuel container that was FOUND on Kamilo Beach is named Esteban. Our thought, is that if we were to name the trash we found. The personification would activate us to rescue it. This has been floating in the ocean for a long time and its time we keep it from going to the ocean and finding ways to remove whats out there. Spaceship Earth needs your help!

Plastic Rock

This rock made of plastic found on Kamilo Beach, Big Island of Hawai’i. Shows how the eco-system has adapted to plastic pollution.


Based on information we have acquired from trademark databases, we believe this bleach bottle to be from the 1970s. When we say that we “Throw-Away” we must realize that “away” does not exist.