Great Warriors


So grab this limited edition 24X36 signed by Jeremy McKane. These funds go right back into covering the hard costs associated with LIVE interactive LUCiD projections in public venues. This also allows you to become a collector at an entry level. This allows you to see work before it ever goes public at prices below what the gallery will sell them for once they are public. We believe in our oceans and that all of us can do something to make them better and we want you to be part of this journey with us! So thank you in advance for supporting LUCiD and healthy oceans.

SKU: HF003

Product Description

This magnificent piece is presented behind an acrylic sheet. Giving it a jaw dropping clarity when displayed on the wall. This piece was taken immediately after a humpback male swam at full speed towards McKane. In a split moment, the humpback made a 90 degree turn and just stopped to ponder this human floating in this space. The eye as large as a basketball peering into the soul of this individual who just wanted to get close enough to see the whales. Yet the whales were more interested in him.

Every piece of work that is sold goes right back into this project as McKane sets sail on another expedition to tell the story about our oceans. Whales play a very intregral role to our lives. As they defecate they feed phytoplankton which in turn is responsible for every second breath we breathe. The balance is real, so is the fight to do what is right.

This artwork is 24×36 on Aluminum and Acrylic.


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