LUCiD Installation


LUCiD is a mind controlled art installation that changes based on the way you think. All LUCiD artworks sold go to the advancement of future expeditions around the globe. Our system lets you interact directly with the planet.


Product Description

This extremely limited edition version of LUCiD is perfect for your home or office! When the artwork is left to idle, you get to see some of the most serene images of the ocean from many of our expeditions. Once you slip on the provided neurofeedback device, we analyze your brainwaves in real-time and LUCiD takes a turn. We start showing you images that are currently threatening the oceans. Its up to you to change what you see by changing your thoughts. Start thinking about what these waters would look like without plastic or pollution. Once our algorithm detects your present state of mind, we share with you some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet that have a direct role in human survival. This installation includes 4K Samsung, MacMini (to run software), Neurofeedback Headsets and setup.

The purchase of this artwork goes right back into the project as we set sail for future expeditions.


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