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Our oceans need advocates and McKane believes the shortest path between humans is art. While we need support and appreciate any amount, Art is such a great motivator and with your support McKane is able to make impactful works of art that transcend ideology. So with this we want you come come with us and swim with the whales.

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Product Description

That moment when you drop into the ocean, your heart races. The sound you hear is only the waves crashing against your head and the sound of your heartbeat echoes through your head as the loudest sound of expectation man knows. Out of the darkness a massive shadow becomes clearer and clearer to the point a whale emerges to say hello to you. Your hands shake as you are beyond nervous. From there you see its eye as it gets closer and closer to you. You are not looking into the eyes of a dog or another human. This feeling is foreign yet familiar. In a moment, everything becomes quiet as your heart stops and everything happens in slow motion. Then its over, and we do it again, and again.

Yeah that’s kind of what its like!

LUCiD Project Teaser from Jeremy McKane on Vimeo.