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The Artist

Jeremy McKane, the artist behind LUCiD and FOUND has long held a passion for our oceans. From a very young age he had dreams of being a scuba diver and exploring what existed below the surface of the water. McKane was part of an internet startup before he even graduated from high school and much of his work today includes traces of those early years where technology played such a deep role in his life. LUCiD which is a collaboration with TBA21.org (The Thyssen Bornemisza Contemporary Art Foundation) is an interactive video art installation that combines Art, Conservation and Cutting edge technology. LUCiD is the world’s first contemporary art video art installation that you control with NeuroFeedback. This means that patrons are required to do something with their minds in order to change the course of the installation.

McKane is working with TBA21.org, 5GYRES and Take3 Australia Conservation groups to urge his viewers to just take 3 pieces of trash and put it in its appropriate bin. Beyond that his latest installation LUCiD pushes further to show viewers innovative people around the globe that find new ways to keep trash out of the ocean and how to re-use it. His work has appeared in Artopia – Dallas Contemporary Museum, Art + Advocacy, Patron Magazine, and in galleries across Texas including Cohn Drennan, Kettle Art, The Mckinney Avenue Contemporary Art Museum, Rising, LEVEL Gallery, Tractorbeam Gallery, and public new media installations in the Dallas Arts District.

You can see McKane’s work LUCiD on its current 3 year world tour with the Ocean Plastics Laboratory. This travelling exhibition is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.



Aliaksei Rubanau


Aliaksei Rubanau is the visionary behind our neurofeedback system. McKane and Rubanau first met in Chile during Exosphere. The two expressed their interest in helping people understand how valuable the oceans are to everyday life regardless where you reside. Aliaksei is a mathematician from belarus who currently resides in Kiev, Ukraine.